30 April 2009

At War: The Film

On Friday evening at the MilBlog conference there was a screening of the documentary film At War, produced and directed by David Leeson and Scott Kesterson. I wasn't able to attend but to be honest, I have a tough time even watching the trailers. I haven't been to Afghanistan, obviously. But I feel like I've seen it all before through the eyes of a thousand soldiers, and it's haunting. Perhaps I'll watch it alone when the DVD is released.

From the film's website: "War is a dichotomy. The narrow bridge linking love and hate, joy and sorrow, courage and cowardice or honor and shame is an eternal reminder of the best and worst of ourselves."

Scott Kesterson is currently back in Afghanistan for the third time and blogs at Where is Kilroy? You can also follow him on Twitter.

If you're in upstate New York and would like to see the film, it will be shown this weekend at the Buffalo-Niagara Film Festival in North Tonawanda, NY on Sunday at 6PM.

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