02 August 2007

What kind of person...

...could believe the world would be a better place (and we would be better off) if we turned our backs on this man and the children with whom he works?

It was really honor for me to hear from some one who appreciate what we do for our kids' future in land of freedom and please feel free to write whenever you like.

This kind of wonderful words will encouraging me to work harder and do my job with more loyalty. As far as you and every one in the USA know we are fighting the most brutal groups that have ever known by human history... Islamic radical groups and they are everywhere in the world. We are fighting in 3rd world war without we recognize.

We have to take good care to the new generations by helping them and educating them and teach them what is a reality of the life - not just blow your self up and you go to heaven.

Thanks so much for writing to me and your help and nice word to me making a big difference to hear, even if it is in a small way. We have to start somewhere to show others that there is life outside of oppression and death.

We all have already gotten victory and I say that because of what we are doing every day... Be Blessed...

EMail written to my friend Sara from SA. Soldiers often ask their Angels to support interpreters and others with whom they work. This gentleman agreed to let her share his words and the picture, saying it would "make me proud if I can build a good reputation and nice view for USA people of new generation of Iraq".

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