13 August 2007

Father of persecuted Haditha Marine on Pundit Review

Darryl Sharratt, father of innocent (or, as Darryl says, persecuted) Haditha Marine Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt, returned to Pundit Review Radio on Sunday to tell about the great news received by the family last week.

Darryl also told us a great story about The O’Reilly Factor. For months and months, Darryl tried to get “The Factor” to listen to Justin’s side of the story. Only when he was 100% exonerated did they come calling. Darryl was having none of it, and good for him!

Things got pretty emotional when Darryl talked about Justin having to end his career in the Marines prematurely. He’s been put through hell, and he deserves to have his story heard. Darryl was upset with the lack of media coverage and their insistence to call this the ‘Haditha Massacre’ even though the facts in the case have proved that to be incorrect.

Justin is now the third Haditha Marine cleared. How does Murtha sleep at night?

Adding insult to injury, Murtha is actually Darryl Sharratt's congressional representative, to whom Darryl made 53 phone calls over 18 months before getting a return call.

Listen here, and follow the links to the prior interview with Darryl.

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