03 August 2007

Jack Army *heart* John Murtha

Ahhh, Rep. Murtha. Another one of those rare and wonderful gifts that just keeps on giving.
30,000 troops out of Iraq this fall?

Via the Army Times,

A key lawmaker said Tuesday that he expects the U.S. Central Command to propose in September an immediate 30,000-troop reduction in the number of U.S. forces in Iraq because of growing belief that the so-called “surge” strategy is working.

Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., the defense appropriations subcommittee chairman who made the prediction, said that does not mean that he believes the situation in Iraq is improving, but that an increasing number of White House and Pentagon officials and Republican lawmakers returning from visits to Iraq are all talking about success.

OK, so things still suck, no reason to believe the Surge is working other than folks saying that it is, but CENTCOM will reduce forces in Iraq in the spring because things are not getting better. Uh, has Mr. Murtha lost his mind? Where is the logic in that prediction?

But wait! As JA says, there's more. So go over and say hey to a deployed milblogger.

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