12 April 2007

"The Soldiers' Angels are an Army within the Army"

Email from a Soldier who recently spent time at the Kleber Medical Hold here in Germany while undergoing treatment.

She has since returned to Iraq, and after exchanging a few emails we realized we had seen each other while she was here.

Wanted to pass along her thanks to all of you who make this possible.

I want to thank you for all of the support/love that you are giving to us. I was just overwhelmed with Soldiers' Angels while I was in Germany. Thanks.

A portable closet was in the hall downstairs and I got a pair of grey sweats and top to go to the gym. I was so happy that I did not have to wear my PFU, first time in civvies since last fall.

The blankets (especially the fleece ones) touched my heart.

MaryAnn, all of the females there got along so good (Thank God) we all sprawled out on the sofas and chairs and watched the Lion King and Tina Turner life story.

I love those fleece blankets. There is one made in the design of the American Flag that we all wanted to take but agreed to leave in order that the next group could enjoy. The knitted and crocheted ones were lovely too.

I am writing the CSM of the Army and the Wounded Warriors a letter about my experience there and how the Soldiers' Angels are an Army within the Army.

Thanks soooooooooo much.

Much Love,


It may not look like much, but here is the "portable closet" for which this Soldier was so grateful.

See this post for information about outpatient support, and this one for information about blankets.

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