01 April 2007

An American Family

Newsweek is featuring MAJ Mike Mundell in a special this week called Voices of the Fallen. MSNBC.com has video of Mike's wife Audrey and their children Erica, Ryan, Zach, and Dale reading letters Mike sent to them from Iraq before his death.

Please take a moment to view the video and meet this American family and their Hero. I don't know where they found the strength to do this, but I'm grateful they did.

Mike wasn't a hero, he was better then a hero... Mike was a professional. Mike took his job seriously and the lives of everyone on the team seriously. His Iraqi counterparts paid him the highest complement; they called him... Brother.

I will miss him every day.

From a previous post, a "little note about my friend Mike", sent by MAJ Todd Fredette.

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