24 April 2007

By popular demand...

...the latest pics of our operations (such as they are - lol) at Soldiers' Angels Germany.

This is what we call "Room 1", where we open and sort donations.

We also keep small amounts of some items in Room 1 like sweats, t-shirts, shoes, and blankets sorted by size and ready to distribute. Hygiene items are in the file cabinet.

The staging area.

Room 2, used for storage of filled backpacks for hospital inpatients, bulk items, holiday decorations, etc.

The little portable closet out in the hall where soldiers staying in MedHold can help themselves to blankets, clothing...

...hygiene items, etc.

Telling DrueAnna's 7-year-old daughter Savanna to take the stupid picture already!

Ahhh, there we go. Me and DrueAnna in our Battletoad t-shirts (don't ask... )

"Deployment Buddies" Anna and Savanna. Too bad you can't see the photo of Savanna's Daddy on her t-shirt.

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