13 July 2006

This Is Bad News

Very bad news.

Israel says it has learned that the Lebanese-based Hizballah intends to transfer the two Israeli soldiers it abducted on Wednesday to Iran. That word came today from a senior official in Israel's Foreign Ministry.
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"We also have specific information that Hizballah is planning to transfer the kidnapped soldiers to Iran," Meir told journalists in Jerusalem.

Syria, Iran and Hamas were also part of the same "axis of terror and hate threatening not only Israel but the entire world," Meir said.

Syria hosts the headquarters of about a dozen Palestinian terrorist groups in its capital Damascus, including that of Hamas and its political leader Khaled Mashaal.

Israel accused Mashaal of being behind the earlier Palestinian attack on an Israeli army outpost along the Israeli-Gaza border 19 days ago, in which Israeli Corporal Gilad Shalit was abducted and taken into Gaza.

Over at Blackfive, Froggy explores the Worst Case Scenario... Coordination.

It is well known that Lebanon is a client state of Syria and further, that Syria is a client state of Iran. There are reports that Iranian defense officials are now in Damascus possibly pulling the strings on a coordinated assault of Israel by Hamas and Hizbullah. Israel has already buzzed Syria's dictator's house, and the leader of the "militant wing" (is there a non-militant wing?) of Hamas is also under the protection of the Syrians in Damascus. If you think that this is a potential nightmare scenario for Israel and the US, it gets worse.

Remember North Korea? They are very close with the Iranians as well, and it is postulated by intel sources that they have been sharing nuclear and missile technology for the past two years. KJI has no cash since we froze most of his assets in foreign banks for running a massive US currency counterfeiting operation, and the Iranians are wallowing in cash and hate the US as much as NK.

Read Froggy's post and the ensuing discussion.

And although I don't see this escalating into the next World War, I do find the timing of this provocation intriguing given the recent Israeli withdrawl from Gaza and the fact that there has not been a single Israeli soldier in Lebanon for years now.

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