17 July 2006

From the Marines of the Double Dirty Dozen


It has been a long time since we last talked – the “Double Dirty Dozen” is down under 45 days left and we would like to say thank you for all that you do… below are comments from all the Marines, please post them on your website.


CWO-2 Brian


To all the Soldier’s Angels –

I asked the Marines of the Double Dirty Dozen to put into words their thanks for your organization and the people who take it upon themselves to support us. Your support has brightened the faces of all of us throughout our deployment of which is nearly over. Please continue to keep these Marines smiling by keeping all of us in your thoughts and prayers.

God Speed and Semper Fidelis

---- CWO Brian


The Soldiers' Angel program has been a great motivational program. It makes me smile to receive a letter or package from the program. The Soldiers' Angels have helped to make many of my bad days good days.
---- PFC Dustin

The soldier’s angels have been a true blessing to me. It always uplifts my day when I receive a letter form someone who doesn’t know me but still supports me. Thank you for caring.
---- LCpl Allen

Soldier’s Angels is an outstanding program. I couldn’t imagine making it through the deployment without them. My Soldier’s Angels sent me a set of study guides for the SAT and ACT. I will never forget the love that they have shown me.
---- LCpl Quincy

I want to thank the Soldier’s Angels Organization for all of the care packages and letters that remind me that we ARE NOT FORGOTTEN and thank you for the phone cards that have allowed us to keep in contact with our loved ones. Thank you for taking care of us you really have been “Angels”.
---- LCpl Andres

To the Soldier’s Angels thank you for your commitment and support. Keep doing what you’re doing from all of us out here, you are greatly appreciated. You are the reason we fight.
---- Cpl Jose

Thank you Soldier’s Angels, it’s good to know that there are people home that care and support the U.S. military. We appreciate everything that you do for us.
---- LCpl Daniel

Thank you Soldier’s Angels. Having the support of people like you gives us an edge that cannot be taken away. To know that there are still Americans that have love like this in their hearts is a great feeling.
--- LCpl Kimberly

Thank you to the Soldier’s Angels. You really help to lift the morale of the troops it reminds us that people still support and pray for us and we need those prayers. It has helped to keep my spirits up to know that there are people like you. Thank you.
--- LCpl Patrick

Thank you for all the support. It’s the little things that we take for granted that you send in the care packages. Body lotion facial scrub and especially female products give us such a boost out here. Thank you all so much.
---- LCpl Josefina

Thank you to the Soldier’s Angels. Being out here in Iraq it is nice to receive packages and letters from people and families who care and think of us as heroes. Thank you and continue to be Semper Fidelis which is the Marine Corps Motto and means Always Faithful.
----LCpl Juliana

Thank you very much we truly appreciate your support. It is very meaningful to know that people back home still care about us. The letters and packages are greatly appreciated. With your help it has been easy to get through this deployment without too much homesickness.
---- LCpl Levi

Thank you for the increase in morale for the junior Marines that you provide. Some of the junior Marines do not receive enough mail from home and you all act as a boost for them by your packages and letters. You have been a family member for people who don’t have or don’t have much contact with their family. Thank you.
---- Cpl Donald

I want to thank you for the way you have taken care of the members of my detachment to see the faces of the Marines when they received a letter from someone who they don’t even know and how it brought them so much joy has really been a great thing. Thank you so much for what you do, you are appreciated.
----- Cpl Khalief

I never thought that something as simple as a letter could mean so much. It is nice to know that the freedom that we are fighting for isn’t taken for granted and that there are still people who believe in America.
---- PFC Danielle

The Soldier’s Angels have been a blessing to all of us. They way they treat us they really must be angels. I have received countless letters and even a few care packages from people who truly go out of their way to show us their support. To all of you we say Thank You.
---- LCpl Mathew

I appreciate all of the mail and packages that you have sent us over the deployment here in Iraq. It has lifted the spirits and morale of all the Marines of the detachment. We can’t thank you enough for the job you have done. We appreciate the job you do to support us.
---- Cpl Jason

I want to thank you personally for your support. You are the reason that we do what we do well. Your support means everything to us and we thank you for it, please continue to keep us in your prayers and thoughts.
----- LCpl Zachary

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for what you do. Your letters really mean a lot to all of us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
---- LCpl Edgar

My Soldier’s Angels letters reminded me so much of home seeing the ways that they helped us made me feel good about my country. Thank you for all your support and for helping to win this fight.
---- LCpl David

To all of the Soldier’s Angels I want you to know we appreciate you. We know that it’s a sacrifice for you to give your time to make us feel better. I just want to let you know that everything that you do for does not go in vain and is not forgotten. Many of us have sent letters but there is no real way to tell you how much we appreciate you except to say Thank You.
---- LCpl Nigel

Your help has meant everything to us I don’t have many family members that keep close contact with me so to have people who don’t know me send me items that I really need out here is unbelievable. You all have stepped into the role as family members when we needed them. Thank you and keep up the good work.
---- Cpl Keane

Being here in Iraq mail is one of the things that the Marines here take pride in it’s one of the things that we use as a way to keep us going. When you see others receiving mail and packages and you don’t get either it can hurt. You all ensure that this doesn’t happen to any service member; you stand in the place to ensure that everyone feels appreciated and loved; We thank you for it, we appreciate everything that you do. Keep being angels.
---- Sgt. Duane

Soldier’s Angels – Thank you for all the great support and a great program that you are running. Please continue to push your support not only to the Double Dirty Dozen but to all military personnel.
---- SSgt Wesley

Well done to Robin and all of the Angels who supported the Double Dirty Dozen, and Semper Gratus Marines!

Won't you step forward and become a Soldiers' Angel?

And thanks to the Mudville Gazette for the Open Post.

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