23 May 2006

Heroes, Bloggers, and PCs

Great article on the BBC website about Valour-IT today, featuring our own FbL, Cpt Z, and Patti:

Laptop lifeline for wounded troops

"Around $750 provides so much healing to a wounded soldier," [Patti Bader] explained. "It gets them involved, it helps them blog, it gets them into online courses."
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Cpt Ziegenfuss, now mostly recovered from his injuries, says he enjoys the look of annoyance on the face of badly wounded troops when he shows up with a Valour-IT laptop.

But their reaction changes when he explains how the voice-activation software works.

"I don't want to say it's like giving sight to the blind, but it's showing them they can do what they did before," said Cpt Ziegenfuss.

FOXNews also ran an article yesterday about the Milblog conference in April which mentions Valour-IT and other military support efforts:

"We're not only fighting a physical war, we're fighting an information war as well," said "Andi C.," organizer of the first annual MilBlog Conference, which took place last month in Washington.
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Most milbloggers, but not all, support President Bush's Iraq war effort, and virtually all say they are pro-military. Many feel that "the truth" about operations in Iraq and Afghanistan has been distorted by what they deem the "mainstream media," or "MSM" in blogging terminology

Project Valour-IT, with the support of Soldiers' Angels and many, many Milblog readers have to date raised funds to distribute almost 500 laptops with voice-activated software to wounded troops since August of 2005.

BZ FbL for being the heart and soul of Project Valour-IT!

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