07 May 2006

Atwar Bahjat's Killers

What's standing between us and them?

Warning: The following contains a graphic description of a brutal murder - probably exceeding what you imagine one human being could do to another. However, it is typical of the work of Islamic terrorists. Read on only if you want a bit of insight into the nature of the enemy in this global war. If not, please skip to the final paragraph.

They are.

They did.

What have you done lately?

Consider these words from Daniel Henninger's May 5 piece 'United 93' and the 20th Hijacker:

Nothing could be more innocent than the fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, attendants and pilots on that plane. Like us at this moment, they were in the act of daily life. They were not combatants in any sense. They were targeted precisely because they were unprotected.

During periods of peace, and we have had a long one, some people come to believe that this happy condition is the natural state of life. It is not. The unprotectedness of civilized, quotidian life was earned, over centuries, often in war.

"... not combatants in any sense." Just like Atwar Bahjat.

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