13 October 2008

From a Soldier's Mom

SPC Charles Smith, 2-502nd Inf Reg, 101st Airborne (Air Assault), wearing his Soldiers' Angels t-shirt while recovering at Landstuhl hospital.


My son, PFC (at the time), now SPC Charles J Smith, was in Germany after he was injured by an IED in Iraq. I would like to say Thank You to the Soldiers' Angels for being there for him.

I have attached a picture of him in his "Soldiers' Angels" T-shirt. I had no idea even who the Soldiers' Angels were, as when I got this pic sent to me online, I could not figure out what it said, or meant.

Now I do know both.

I appreciate so much what you did for him, and would love to personally thank the person who was with him. He is now medically retired from his injuries, but is doing quite well. If you didn't know what had happened to him or see the scars left behind, you would never know.

But I know, and my heart still cries for him and I thank God every day for his safe return to us.

I have now joined the Soldiers' Angels to help others as my son was helped.

Again, thank you to the Soldiers Angels' in Germany... from the bottom of my heart.

Susan Davis

Welcome to SA, Susan! Please give Charles a big hug from us :-)

Thank you to all of SA's donors for supporting our mission at Landstuhl and making a difference - one Soldier (and one Soldier's Mom!) at a time.

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