12 October 2008

The DJ Emery Highway

The highway renaming ceremony in Centre County, PA on October 9, 2008. Photo courtesy of Jamie Jones.

Last Thursday a 5-mile section of State Route 26 in Centre County, PA was named after our Hero DJ! He drives along the highway at least once a week on the way to therapy and says it feels "weird" to see his name on the signs ;-)

Here's a short video story from the local TV station about the renaming ceremony. Doesn't DJ look GREAT?

DJ and "special guest", daughter Carlee. Photo courtesy of Jamie Jones.

From the news story:

“In the hospital, when I found out I lost my legs, [Carlee] was one of my biggest concerns. How was I going to provide for her, and just be able to go in the yard and play with her and stuff. But really now that I’m healthy we can do everything. There's nothing that me and her can't do together.”

Nope, nothing you two can't do together, DJ. Congratulations!!

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