14 October 2008

First class graduates from the new Iraqi Air Force Flight School

The proud new pilots.

Iraq celebrated a milestone yesterday when the first class graduated from the new Iraqi Air Force Flight School.

If you haven't been following this, one of their instructors is our friend and Vietnam veteran BillT of the Castle, who of course took part in the graduation ceremony.

One of the kids nudged me when a DV [Distinguished Visitor] started getting passionate in his address, and was interrupted by a standing ovation:

“He is saying that for the first time in our history, we are not doing things for one man, but we are doing it for all the people of Iraq. He is saying the US has showed us how, and we must not forget when we thank God every day, we must also ask him to bless the US.”

Read the whole, wonderful story over at the Castle with many more photos. Thank you, Bill, for being not just an instructor but also a mentor to the young men of the new Iraqi Air Force.

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