24 January 2008

Why we fight: Because "all of humanity is our tribe"

The following is a response to this post showing footage of a medevac mission carried out after members of Chosen Company, 2-503rd PIR, 173rd ABCT were ambushed in Nuristan Province, Afghanistan.

1LT Matthew C. Ferrara, SGT Jeffery S. Mersman, SPC Sean K.A. Langevin, SPC Lester G. Roque and PFC Joseph M. Lancour of Chosen Company and Marine Sgt. Phillip A. Bocks were killed in the attack which occurred while returning to their outpost from a meeting with elders in a nearby village.

Three Heroes on Board
By Linda Ferrara

We are Matthew Ferrara's family. He was one of the men killed on that patrol.

All four of our boys are in the Army. Read about our family and you will realize that our boys were all strong individuals who had other good, safe options.

We believe in fighting to keep all people safe and free to be themselves, because it is the right thing to do.

Some people don't think that we have to fight just yet, that we can wait and the crazies will go away and not harm our little tribe.

They are already harming our little tribe. All of humanity is our tribe.

We have to fight and die to protect people that don't believe in our perspective.

It has always been this way. It always will be this way, until the slaughter begins and people see their own personal lives in jeopardy.

In our local high school the atmosphere has changed a lot due to people like you who are able to get out the word that the military is comprised of good people trying to do what they believe in for the benefit of all of us. There is considerably more interest in joining the fight, as reported to us by local reporters and the school administration.

We are in a righteous fight that we must win overwhelmingly.

Convince the enemy that they can't win and they will quit. The more people on the ground, the faster we win.

Thanks for getting this effective video on the web.

This letter is directed to you and the courageous flight crews you reported on.

I understand from one of Matthew's brothers that Matthew is under consideration to be awarded the Silver Star. If you've ever wondered where we get men like Matthew and his brothers, look no further than Linda Ferrara.

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