04 January 2008

Remembering MAJ Mike Mundell

MAJ Todd (l) and MAJ Mike.
"Just a picture of two middle-aged married guys, far away from home, missing their families."

What I want you all to know is that the people who fight and die here aren't special and they aren't different. They're people just like you and me: they have families, they pay bills, and they have Bar-B-Qs. They aren't heroes and they aren't saints, they're just people who have a job to do.

Mike wasn't a hero, he was better then a hero... Mike was a professional. Mike took his job seriously and the lives of everyone on the team seriously. His Iraqi counterparts paid him the highest complement; they called him... Brother.

From a "little note about my friend Mike", sent by MAJ Todd Fredette.

I know I ask you do this often, but please take a moment to read the rest of MAJ Fredette's note here.

Then meet Mike's wife Audrey and their children Erica, Ryan, Zach, and Dale in this MSNBC.com video, taped shortly after his death as they read some of the letters he sent home from Iraq.

To Audrey and the "kids", we'll be thinking of you tomorrow. We promise always to remember your husband and father (and our Hero), MAJ Mike Mundell.

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