01 January 2008

Operation Puppy Love

Soldiers' Angels teams up with Blackfive embed Laughing Wolf and Gryphon Air to bring a puppy named DJ home to the mother of a fallen 1st Cav Soldier.

PFC Alejandro "Alex" Varela was killed in action on May 19, 2007 along with six of his comrades. Alex's mother had been unsuccessful in her attempts to get one of the dogs who lived with his platoon at COP Annihilator - until now.

Read the rest of this great story.

Update: Here's the extended version of this story, with profiles of Alex's fallen comrades and video interviews with some of the surviving squad members.

Meet some of the Heroes of the 1st Cavalry Division, "America's First Team", at the end of their long and very tough deployment to Iraq.

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