13 July 2007

Happy Birthday, AWTM!

Today is ArmyWifeToddlerMom's birthday - congrats AWTM! Because she loves to share recipes, Tammi suggested we each share one of our favorite recipes as a birthday present for AWTM today.

Here's mine, for a Martini variant known (in very small circles) as a Doge. Pronounced DOH-jeh, it is named for the Doges (or Dukes) who ruled over the Most Serene Republic of Venice from 700 AD until the end of the Republic over 1000 years later.

The Doge's Palace in Venice

First, secure your ingredients and tools. Ingredients include high quality London dry gin (Beefeater will do nicely), high quality dry white vermouth, Amaro Montenegro, bitters, and an ample supply of fresh ice made from good water (both crushed and cubes).

Necessary tools include a glass shaker, a long handled spoon, a strainer, a proper Martini glass, and a sharp paring knife if adding a twist of lemon.

All tools should be cold, and in my opinion one should never use the freezer for this. So fill your shaker and your Martini glass with crushed ice. Thrust the stirring spoon into the ice in the shaker, and have a cigarette while everything chills.

Remove the crushed ice from the shaker and fill halfway with ice cubes. Add a Martini-sized helping of gin - about 3 oz. Then enough Amaro Montenegro to give the Martini a very pale tawny color. Maybe 1/2 oz. Finally, a splash of vermouth and a drop or two of bitters.

Stir. Do not shake.

Remove crushed ice from Martini glass and pour your Martini from the shaker into the glass using a strainer.

You now may or may not have created the perfect Doge. You will want to experiment with the ratios of liquor, the length of stirring time which will effect the amount of water dilution from the ice, chilling techniques, using fresh spring water for the ice, garnishes such as an olive or a twist, etc.

This process can begin immediately.

After all, it's your birthday.

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