07 May 2007

Timing, Sleep, and Imaginary Friends

"You know, timing is everything. Recoup:... "

Ok, she means "review", but I speak Mrs. G.-ese so I understand. We're outside the hotel smoking before her departure for the airport a couple of hours ago. (Don't ask me why we paid all that money for a room when we've spent the better part of the last 5 days out on the sidewalk, but that's another story.)

"If Greyhawk had left a day later for [redacted - undisclosed location in the Middle East], he could have been at the conference.
"If my laptop had died a day later I wouldn't have had to use a strange computer to moderate the chat rooms.

"And if the sites had gone down a day later I would have been home and Greyhawk might have already arrived in [redacted - undisclosed location in the Middle East] and it wouldn't have been such a hassle to fix the problem."

All I'm thinking is how I wouldn't have started this whole thing off tired if we hadn't been up until 0430 Friday morning taking Greyhawk to catch his military charter flight to [redacted - undisclosed location in the Middle East].

I realize there are those of you who believe I don't need sleep but I can assure you, I'd love to get more sleep.

Staying up late on Friday and getting up early on Saturday didn't help. Nor did wandering around the hotel thinking until oh-dark-whatever on Sunday morning.

On Sunday Soldiers' Angels held a BBQ at Walter Reed's Malogne House to award the 1000th Valour-IT laptop. Chuck was a credit to his rank and to the Army as he presented the laptops to the soldiers personally.

Like last year, it was surreal to see so many familiar faces amongst the patients. I kept thinking to myself, "Hey, I remember that guy... "

It is a blessing that most of them remember little or nothing about being in Germany, and I was content to just sit back and drink it all in.

They all look so good.

Kevin did some interviews with these guys you've got to see/hear at Pundit Review Radio. Don't miss them.

By Sunday evening I'm comfortably cruising in the No Sleep Zone and looking forward to a relaxing evening at Carrie's. She's invited a few of what her husband calls her "imaginary friends" over for dinner. I'd promised myself a *cough* early night but hey, an early night is useless when you're in the No Sleep Zone.

Haven't laughed so much in ages. Hope I can still laugh when the pics come out.

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