31 May 2007


This just in from our friends at IraqiMuscle.com, who are at one of the CSHs supported by my colleague Roger. Make sure to check out their new t-shirts and don't forget that proceeds go to Soldiers' Angels.


This is Sgt. Skoczen and Ssg. Simon at iraqimuscle.com. We just wanted to let everyone know that the new shirt designs are in.

If you are at our location we have shirts on ground and if not they are available online. Our contibutions are going well and we have plans of making some hefty donations in the next coming weeks. We would like to thank everyone for their support.

Ssg. Jeffrey Simon & Sgt. Michael Skoczen

They also wanted me to give a shout out to their buddies at MileHighMuscle.com for their outstanding support.

Oh, and here's their latest slideshow. Yowza, guys...

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