30 May 2007

DJ Emery Awarded Purple Heart

In my book nothing can top the update below, but we've also been waiting for these pictures since Connie wrote this the other day:

Speaking of walking DJ got a personal invitation today to go to the White House from President Bush when he learns how to walk again!!! Bush came today and awarded DJ his purple heart. Bush kissed Leslie and I and she was going crazy. DJ asked me what her problem was. He didn't get too excited. He doesn't get too emotional. That's my boy!!! I asked Bush to hold Carlee so Leslie would have a picture for her scrap book and he did.

Well thanks for all the support and there should be pictures sometime soon. Thanks everyone, Connie

President Bush presents Marine Sgt. David D.J. Emery Jr., of Bellefonte with a Purple Heart Friday at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. Emery's wife, Leslie Shivery, holding their daughter, Carlee, and his mother, Connie look on. Emery was injured Feb. 7 in a suicide bombing near Anbar province, Iraq.

President Bush holds 1-month-old, Carlee, of Bellefonte, Friday at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., while her mom, Leslie Shivery, and grandmother, Connie Emery look on. Carlee is the daughter of Sgt. David D.J. Emery Jr., who was injured in a suicide bombing Feb. 7 in Iraq.

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