04 August 2006

NY's Bravest Volunteer in Jerusalem

New York's firefighters show us what they're made of... again:

Eleven New York firefighters put their lives on hold this week and paid their way to Jerusalem, where they have been volunteering in a number of understaffed stations.
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Nathan Rothschild, commissioner of the Monsey fire district in New York's Rockland County, who planned the whole trip, said 22 more firemen would be coming to Israel next week to replace firemen in other parts of the country.
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When he heard about the Katyusha attacks on the North, he correctly assumed that fire departments throughout the country would come under severe strain. He then had the idea to gather volunteers to help, immediately got the approval of Shimon Romach, the Fire and Rescue Services commissioner, and three days later they arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport with a warm welcome and a minibus that said "New York Firefighters."
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"Firefighting is the same job no matter where you go," said Evan Humphrey, one of the volunteers. "It's one big brotherhood like everybody says."
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"It makes us all feel very good," said Doron Moshe, a fireman at the Giva station. "It's like a big brother over there watching us. Knowing that when you need him he will come make you feel peaceful. In Israel, at this time, the general mood is about going and helping. They have a Thanksgiving once a year, we have a war. Everybody's together helping each other."

"They have a Thanksgiving once a year, we have a war." Sheesh. Now that's chutzpah.

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