03 August 2006

First "National Muslim Fun Day" Cancelled

Jason sends me today's headline of the day from Reuters:

Theme park calls off "Muslim Fun Day"

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's biggest theme park has called off the country's first "National Muslim Fun Day" because of lack of interest, the park said Wednesday.

Alton Towers in central England was to open on September 17 for Muslims -- with halal food, a strict dress code and prayer areas.

Music, gambling and alcohol were to be banned for the day and theme park rides such as "Ripsaw," "Corkscrew" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" all segregated by sex.

You can't make this stuff up, people.

Now here's the scary part:

But the fun day had caused some consternation: a non-Muslim couple scheduled to hold their wedding at the park's hotel complained to newspapers that event organizers told them the bride and female guests would have to cover up.

This reminds me of something Soldiers' Angels Founder Patti told her son when he deployed: "You're the only thing standing between me and a burqa."

Thanks to the Mudville Gazette for the Open Post.

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