08 August 2006

No, it's not a rumor...

... Sue Timkin, wife of the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, the Honorable William R. Timken, Jr., actually does visit the patients at Landstuhl hospital several times a month and she actually does cook the evening meal for the families staying at Fisher House while she's there.

I have evidence.

Sue Timkin in the kitchen at Landstuhl Fisher House

Not sure why I've been asked about this. Probably because Mrs. T doesn't see her work at Landstuhl as a photo op or a publicity stunt (I did get permission to use this photo after a bit of discussion). She simply wants to do what she can to help. Helping means visiting wounded soldiers and cooking dinner. Helping also means using her position to make other kinds of things happen.

Mrs. T, along with her military escort and Liaison Col. Lee Krüger are two of the hardest working troop supporters I've met. Phone calls are made while vegetables are being chopped, and once the chicken is out of the oven they sprint back over to the hospital to "bring that patient the ice cream we promised him this morning."

Col. Krüger contacted me a while back to set up a meet. Recently, our schedules coincided and I had the opportunity to brief Mrs. T about Soldiers' Angels. And to witness their work firsthand.

Watch this space for developments.

Thank you Mrs. T and Col. Krüger for all you do. Soldiers' Angels is honored to stand with you in support of our brave Heroes.

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