26 July 2005

"You guys are what we are fighting for... "

This letter was recently received by Patti Bader, founder of Soldiers' Angels.

I have been chatting with one of your Angels for about a year now. Her name is XXXX and I told her about how my unit has gone through countless patrol and convoy ambushes and how we lose at least a soldier every time we go out.

I was pretty down and upset that my comrades were dying and that I was still alive. She asked for people to send me cards and letters to help cheer me up and show their support for what we are doing over here.

I just wanted to say thank you so much because I have been swarmed every day with letters and cards that come from your group and I share them with my squad and they all tell me that it really makes their day when they see how much people back home care about us and support us.

My whole squad just start crying when I show them the countless letters that I get from your group. They just can't believe their eyes when they see that so many people care that much to write to soldiers that they don't even know just to say hi and so their support. Thank you so much.

You guys are what we are fighting and dying for everyday. Thank You.

I tell my dad who is a WWII vet about all the letters that I have received from you guys and he says that it makes him smile and cry at the same time to hear of the support that the military is getting from back home. He says that he wished this group was around during Viet Nam when he had two sons over there because it would have made their day to see that people really cared for them and what they stood for even if they did not like the fact that we were in a war.

Like I said over and over again Thank You.

Proudly Serving God And Country,


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