01 August 2005

The Candy Guy

Thanks to all of you who have helped Richard and his medics by sending candy for the Iraqi children they medically treat and see while on missions. Here is a bittersweet story about a family with a terminally ill child.

Was just letting ya'll know what all goes on here. Oh yeah, all that candy many of you send me: I have given loads of it out at med-caps, in our aid station when they come in, and sometimes just individually, when I go on missions. Didn't have any last night, unfortunately.

A couple of days ago this father with his son and daughter came to our aid station. The little boy, who was around two or three, has this strange skin condition that is caused by something else, and I need to find out about it before I can explain it. Our doc had to tell the father there is no hope for the child and the condition would soon lead to his death.

They all looked very sad. But I fixed a bag of candy and gave it to the little girl. She sucked on her sucker for a minute and then gave it to her young brother. He really enjoyed it, and I got a good pic of him sucking on the candy, that I will have to send ya'll. His face is ate up with the diseases, and it is really sad. But the candy brought him that moment of joy.

Thanks all, ya'll, and later... Richard....

If you would like to send some hard candy to Richard for him to hand out please email Sara.

Contributed by:
Sara of Soldiers' Angels USA and "her" soldier Richard from Iraq

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