23 July 2005

About Soldiers' Angels Germany

Soldiers' Angels Germany is a group of volunteers living in Germany. We are supported by the Soldiers' Angels organization and many private donors.

Our mission is to support wounded and ill warriors being treated at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center facilities after medical evacuation from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other theaters of operations around the Middle East and Africa.

Please read About Medevacs to Germany and Balad: The First Step of a Long Journey Home.

Information about wounded/ill service members (family only, please)
- Contact the unit's Rear Detachment which can provide you with information.
- Call the LRMC 24 hour number, which can be found here. Please be prepared to provide proof of identity.
- You may also email me for general information. Patient privacy laws (HIPAA) are strictly observed by Landstuhl staff and no medical information is available through Soldiers' Angels Germany.

In 2010, Soldiers' Angels Germany provided over 300 onsite volunteer days, 1500 offsite volunteer hours, and distributed about $300,000 in donations at LRMC. Donations include phone cards, clothing, Blankets of Hope, snacks, get well cards, and much more. See the links under "How You Can Help" to the right.

Shipping Information:
Attn: Soldiers' Angels
CMR 402
APO AE 09180

- Check links to the right under "HOW YOU CAN HELP" for current needs before shipping donations.
- Notify us when items are shipped.
- Include a note with your name, Email address, and short description of items sent in your packages. Without this information, we regret will not be able to confirm their receipt.
- Please allow 6-8 weeks for receipt confirmation.

Soldiers' Angels has received numerous awards, including the Department of Defense's Spirit of Hope Award and the Army's Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service. In August of 2010, Soldiers' Angels Germany received the Presidential Citizens Medal for the organization's volunteer work at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

Please take a moment to view the Soldiers' Angels Project Overview Video which contains more information about our mission, particularly our Medical Support efforts. Created by Laurie of Soldiers' Angels New York.

Dear Maryann,

I am home now, and working hard at being Kim’s husband (you may recall that this is my current career goal!).

I just wanted to thank you and your Angels again (and again) for what you do every day to care for, uplift and honor our wounded and their families.

On my visit to Landstuhl (I stopped there twice this year to visit our wounded and thank the staff), I was so humbled by your caring attitudes and selfless service. I just wanted to say thanks.

Of my enduring memories of my life as a Soldier, there is little doubt that the way we care for and protect each other will be top of the list, and in amongst those memories will be the countless Samaritans like you and your Angels.



CSM Jeffrey J. Mellinger

Multi-National Force – Iraq CSM Aug 04 – May 07

Photos of staff, patients, and angels at Landstuhl hospital can be found at the Soldiers' Angels Germany Facebook page.

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