14 May 2012

In the company of Heroes

CBS News correspondent David Martin has been talking to wounded warriors -- many of them amputees -- for 10 years. Here are a few of the men he'll never forget.

"This is the epic human struggle of our time in our country," says [producer Mary] Walsh. "When you meet these wounded soldiers and their families and realize what they are going through, you just grab onto it and say this is something that the American people have to see."

"Everybody, myself included, will tell you meeting the wounded from America's wars is a life-changing experience," says Martin in the intro to his latest piece below called "The Role of a Lifetime". Actor Gary Sinise's role as amputee "Lt. Dan" in "Forrest Gump" made him a hero to real-life disabled veterans and inspired Sinise to help build homes for the most gravely wounded.

From the transcript of the interview:

Gary Sinise: It's a part of my life. It's a part of my, what I think is important and what makes me feel that I can contribute.

David Martin: You're a big shot actor, but this is what makes you feel important?

Gary Sinise: It gets you outta yourself, you know, it puts everything in perspective real good.

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