06 May 2012

Guest post: This is How I Serve My Country

One of our donors, Becca Bryan of FLorida, asked that I share these thoughts about why she supports our wounded warriors. I think she hits the nail on the head with the last paragraph - it's all about letting our warriors know that people care.

This is How I Serve My Country
By Becca Bryan, SA Germany donor

I am often asked why I donate to Soldiers’ Angels Germany. I have not served in the military. I know a few people who are serving or are veterans of the military. For me, it is a strong desire to give back to those who are injured while on deployment. The simple comforts are home can be hard to find in a foreign country.

I cannot imagine being wounded on the front lines and send to LRMC with the clothes (or not) on my back. What would I wear? Where can I get some things that would make me feel more comfortable? Who can tell me where I can find these things? How long will I be here? But I do not have any underwear! I need to shave. I can’t wear a hospital gown on the flight home. What will I wear? My family is back home and can’t get here to bring me just a few things. Is there anyone here who can help me?

Those thoughts run through my mind when I shop for our wounded troops. It is the reason why I go a little overboard at the stores. It is the reason I keep smiling as I stack men’s boxer briefs in my cart, make a second trip for a pile t-shirts and basketball shorts and a third trip to fill a hand basket with Q-tips and razors.

Often, I hear funny and a few nice comments about the items in my cart and basket. Below are a few to hopefully put a smile on some faces:
- “You sure must have some hairy legs.” (I had a hand basket full of men’s razors)
- “That must be some vacation you’re going on!” (Had another hand basket full of travel size Q-Tips)
- “Why do you have so many t-shirts and now 5 pairs of basketball shorts” (asked by a guy in the men’s dept. He was impressed with my sending them wounded troops)
- “Why do you feel you have to supply them with all that stuff?” (I can put myself a wounded troop’s shoes better than this commenter)

You see, I do it because I want these incredibly brave men and women to know that someone in Florida thought about them. It is a sense of duty, actually. I wonder why more Americans don’t have the same sense of duty.

Our thanks to Becca and all who care about those who have sacrificed so much for all of us.

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