18 March 2012

10 Silver Stars, 16 Purple Hearts awarded to First Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment

Photo: The 75th Ranger Regiment.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Scores of U.S. Army Rangers were recognized for extraordinary acts of courage Friday at Hunter Army Airfield.

10 Silver Stars, one of the highest awards for valor, and 16 Purple Hearts, honoring those wounded in action, were among the medals earned by almost 80 Rangers with the First Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. In a deployment last year, they conducted 900 missions and killed or captured more than 2,000, yet none of the Rangers seek singular recognition.

"It's for individual valorous achievement, but I think it is more of a collective achievement because we have had so many across the whole Battalion," said 1SG Michael Eiermann, 1/75 Ranger Battalion, Silver Star recipient.

Two Silver Stars were awarded posthumously to families of fallen Rangers.

Photo: The 75th Ranger Regiment.

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Rangers Lead the Way! Kick ass my Ranger brothers!