08 September 2011

Wounded Warrior: "What happened to me... it doesn't compare to all the civilians who were killed that day"

On 9/11, I remember sitting in art class at Kofa High School, watching the attack on TV. I was going to graduate in a few months, already planning on the military. But that solidified things. I was really angry, and I just wanted to take the fight to the enemy overseas. Friends in the room were saying, "Hey, Gabriel, it looks like you'll be going to war."

Yuma is a Marine Corps town, but I was always drawn to the Army. I looked up to guys like Gen. Patton and Gen. MacArthur. For me, fighting for your country is the greatest honor, and combat is the ultimate test. ...

I have no regrets. I got to do what I always wanted, which is more than a lot of people can say. Sure, I'd like my arm back, and my friends. But I always think how much worse it could have been. And this is what happens in war. I still feel like I could give my life for my country.

There's a lot more in the written interview at the link.

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