06 September 2011

Finally, an American

The incredible story of a Vietnam Vet who becomes an American citizen 45 years after his service in Vietnam, when it was discovered that his dishonorable discharge had been changed to honorable 45 years ago but he was never told. Two years ago, after some investigation, his family received his military papers only to discover the change in his discharge status took place on August 14, 1964.

For the first time John Green tells his story: A story of honor, brotherhood, and love of country.

Recently, fellow Soldiers' Angel volunteer Robin Bateman was having some work done on her home. As she was talking to the painting contractor, the subject moved to her volunteer work with Soldiers' Angels. The contractor told her that he would like to deduct a large sum from his invoice for the work, provided Robin used the funds to purchase needed items for our wounded warriors at Landstuhl.

That contractor is John Green.

When I wrote to John to thank him for his generosity and to congratulate him on his citizenship, he replied that he wants everyone to know that, "The video was not just about me, it was to let those who are discouraged and think no one cares, I hope this video lets everyone know that there is hope and life after the horrors of war. Please do not hesitate on sending it on to fellow service people."

John, all of us at Soldiers' Angels salute you for your service, and thank you for your compassion for today's warfighters. And CONGRATULATIONS to a true patriot and fellow American!!

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