13 February 2011

Photo of the Day

Marine Jeff Grosky embraces his father, Joe, as his mom, Kathy, looks on Saturday at Sioux Falls Regional Airport. Photo: Jay Pickthorn / Argus Leader.

3/5 Marine home on leave for the first time since being hurt back in October:

Near the statue of South Dakota's great World War II hero, Joe Foss, in the lobby of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport on Saturday, Lance Cpl. Jeff Grosky stood awkwardly. He was surrounded by U.S. flags with applause washing over him.

He wore an embarrassed grin and leaned on a cane.

The injury resulted in the loss of part of his right leg, and Saturday was Grosky's first time back in South Dakota since being hurt. He said he is looking forward to a 30-day leave. After that, he will continue rehabilitation in the U.S. to improve his gait before being released from the Marine Corps and returning to South Dakota to pursue higher education.

Wearing a pair of blue jeans, a green sweatshirt and toting a backpack, he barely stood out from the other passengers.

"He's got friends who came back who were wounded, too," said Grosky's mother, Kathy Grosky. "The common thread among these guys is how humble, how unassuming they are. They are very stoic. Their attitude is, 'It is what it is, let's go on from here.' "

Welcome home, Marine.

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