22 April 2010

Mohammed heads home

What a wonderful and moving story. Good luck, Mohammed! Wishing you a joyous reunion with your family back home.

After surgeries in Mich., Iraqi teen to head home

LANSING, Mich. - A 13-year-old Iraqi boy brought to Michigan a year ago by a National Guardsman so he could get plastic surgery to repair scars from a house fire no longer is shy about pulling off his beloved Detroit Tigers baseball cap.

Black, glossy hair now grows where only scar tissue was before. And Mohammed's left hand and wrist — deformed in the fire when he was 2 — now can adeptly field baseballs.

On Sunday, Mohammed will head back to Iraq with Army National Guard Major David Howell, who brought the shy, slender boy to mid-Michigan last April for the life-changing surgery.

Full story here. Thank you Major Howell for your compassion.

And here's the video backstory on this from late last year.

H/t MOTHAX at the American Legion's Burn Pit blog.

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