27 April 2010

2010 Face of America Ride

This past weekend the 10th Anniversary World TEAM Sports Face of America Ride took place, with over 300 riders cycling 110 miles through the countryside from the nation's capitol to Gettysburg. Like all Face of America rides, this is about meeting challenges, a sense of camaraderie, and developing the lasting knowledge that ALL of the participants are integral members of the TEAM.

Monica of the Soldiers' Angels DC Warrior Medical Support Team worked the ride as a volunteer:

While this is not my first, and certainly not my last year, I remain humbled by the determination and stamina of our wounded warriors. Many of the warriors ride recumbent bikes, relying on just their upper body strength to power them across the many miles and ruthless hills. Since this is a ride and not a race, everyone works together to make it from one point to the other. Every rider who is able will help out those who are struggling.

More from Monica (and you should really read her entire post):
It is the final moments of the ride that pull at your heartstrings. All the riders gather together to arrive at the same time. The recumbent bikes lead the way, making their way the final few feet, while crowds cheer them on, as a majestic American flag waves them all in, perched high atop the ladder of a firetruck.

Part 2, Team Semper Fi crosses the finish line followed by the motorcycle escorts.

Team Soldiers' Angels - "Chuck's Team" - at the 2010 Face of America Ride.

Thanks to Kathy, my fellow Angel and rider with Team Soldiers' Angels for the video!

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