15 July 2009

West Point's Camp Buckner Task Force named after fallen paratrooper

Task Force Ferrara motto is “Train Strong, Be Strong” — A tribute to our Fallen

A house shines white amidst the New York summer surrounding Camp Buckner. The sounds of radio chatter and personnel hard at work are heard as one enters its two screen doors, but nothing is as loud as the words that echo above these doors at Camp Buckner––Task Force Ferrara: Train Strong, Be Strong.

The 263 cadets that serve over 1,200 subordinate cadets all comprise Task Force Ferrara. However, this name is not just a simple label. In 2008, a tradition was started––naming each Task Force at Camp Buckner after a Soldier and warrior who paid the ultimate price for our country.

Last year, we were Task Force Dicenzo, named after Capt. Doug Dicenzo, Class of 1999, killed in action in Baghdad, Iraq, May 25, 2006; and now Task Force Ferrara, after Capt. Matthew Ferrara, Class of 2005, killed in action Nov. 9, 2007, in Aranus, Afghanistan.

Dicenzo and Ferrara represent all of the warriors who have given their last measure of devotion on behalf of the nation––they represent all of our nation’s best. In naming our Task Force, we reinforce who we are and who we represent, that we are no longer our own and we now strive to honor them and those like them with our actions day to day.

We, as future Army officers and leaders, are grateful to all of the fallen warriors, all of those whom have gone before us and paved the way. We shall not forget the lives they led as professional warriors and the lives of those they represent.

Received the link earlier today from Linda Ferrara, currently visiting her youngest son at West Point. She added, "Andy is the S-3 at Camp Buckner Cadet Field Training for the yearlings (2nd year cadets). The camp honored Matt this year by calling itself Task Force Ferrara. Very special with Andy being instrumental in running the camp. We sat with him during the awards ceremony and presented the Ferrara award for the best platoon leader for the summer training."

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