27 July 2009

Congratulations, JR - Men's Log Rolling World Champion!!

J. R. Salzman, who lost an arm in Iraq, with his sister after winning his seventh logrolling title. Photo: Justin Maxon/The New York Times.

We always knew you could do it, JR.

Seventh Logrolling Title, First With a Prosthetic Arm

HAYWARD, Wis. — Sgt. J. R. Salzman remembers reaching for his ballistic glasses just as the roadside bomb blew apart his right arm. He remembers being unable to reach the handle of the Humvee’s passenger door and realizing that his arm was instantly shortened. He remembers the look on the face of the medic.

Just about everything from Dec. 19, 2006, when he was in the lead truck of a tanker convoy in northwest Baghdad, is lodged in Salzman’s mind. That includes what he thought when he realized he would not die: I’ve still got my legs. I can still logroll.

And that explained why Salzman cried when he won his seventh men’s logrolling title at the Lumberjack world championships on Sunday, his first with a prosthetic arm.

“It’s what I do,” he said in the quiet shadows after a lengthy standing ovation. “This is my life in the summertime.”

And here's the story from his local TV station with video. Read them both!

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