08 March 2009

Godspeed SGT Simone Robinson

Then SPC Simone Robison, and daughter Nyzia.

There are patients who stay with you sometimes. You see them and they just stay with you. It's hard to say why, because you didn't know them before and you may learn nothing about them if they're not awake.

In fact, I didn't even know her name at the time. But now I understand why SGT Simone Robinson stayed with me.

“Nothing compares to what our family is experiencing at this time, with the loss of Simone.

She was devoted to her friends, her family, her country and most importantly to her daughter, Nyzia. She wanted nothing more than to be a good role model for Nyzia and was dedicated to working hard to provide for her.

Simone had a smile that could easily light up a room and an angelic voice heard by so many. Simone sang her way through life, getting her through so much.

She is truly our hero and will always be in our hearts.”

My heart dropped when I learned Simone didn't make it. I then discovered (via Milblogs) that she was a member of TF Phoenix together with CSM Bones, who described her as "that rare Soldier you hope to have assigned to your unit, one who lifted everyone's spirits and others could turn to when they were down" and "one of the most inspirational Soldiers" in the Task Force.

Please take a moment to read about the life of SGT Simone Robinson.

My thoughts and prayers are with Simone's family and her fellow Soldiers of TF Phoenix. Godspeed, Simone.

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