25 February 2009

Wanted: Your recipes for the Milbloggers' Cookbook!

This post shamelessly stolen from Carrie at VC ;-)

Honor Their Service, Inc., the home of such great projects as Operation Fresh Air and Operation Santa at the Hospitals, is putting together a Milbloggers' Cookbook.

The cookbook proceeds will go to helping us support wounded/injured servicemembers and their families with fishing events as well as some soon to be announced projects.

We need submissions from milbloggers and commenters alike in all categories (appetizers, sides, salads, soups, main dishes, desserts, drinks, etc.) If you have a recipe (or two) that you are particularly proud of, we'd love to put them in the book. In addition, you can submit pictures if you like.

We will also be featuring favorite recipes as well as memories from some Gold and Silver Star families. These folks, as well as our active duty (Blue Star) folks, are the very reason why Honor Their Service exists.

Here are the details:

Email your recipes (and any questions you might have) by March 9th to the HTScookbook email address.

The cookbook will be made available for sale after we negotiate and have them printed. The price is going to depend on how many recipes we are including and what type of binding we want. Just as our events are modest proposals ($500 for an Operation Fresh Air event), we will make sure that the cost of the cookbook will reflect the same attitude.

I'm excited to see what you all like to cook!!!

I can't wait, either!

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