08 February 2009

Did you hear the one about... ?

So this Italian guy flies to Turkey, crosses the border to Iraq, takes a cab from Erbil to Baghdad, and gets on the bus to Falluja. You know, to "see the sights".

Well, this could be a joke, but it's not. In Falluja, he's finally spotted by an incredulous checkpoint guard.

The police summoned local Iraqi journalists to tell them of the wandering Italian, American marines were called in, the Italian Embassy was notified. The police concluded that Mr. Marchio was not an Italian jihadist and was a risk to no one but himself. An American marine working with the police suggested taking him to the city limits and dropping him where Falluja met the main highway.

The hubbub over the wayward tourist ended the next day with a flight back to Italy arranged by the Italian Embassy in Baghdad.

I seem to remember Michael Totten taking a similar route a couple of years back, but this guy's no Michael Totten. Sheesh.

Via HotAir.

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