15 December 2008

Update: Donations for wounded Soldiers stolen from Gold Star Mom

"Did you hear about the Mom whose donations for the wounded Soldiers were stolen? Well, that's me!"

- Linda Ferrara, while chasing a WalMart manager through the store to ask for a donation.

Gotta love it!

Linda related the WalMart incident last night on the phone as we spoke about the latest on her efforts to replace the stolen donations she had collected for the patients here at Landstuhl. (Back story here, keep scrolling at that link.) And yes, the manager did make a contribution.

Since the story about the theft broke she has received over 400 emails, many donations in kind, and about $25,000 in cash. She's told everyone that this is (unfortunately) an ongoing project, so if they are unable able to help now they may do so in the future.

Linda has been busy purchasing items from our wish list with the funds. She's also recruited two new groups of "blanket ladies" and bought fleece for them. She and her family have already packed up lots and lots of boxes and brought them to the Soldiers' Angels warehouse for shipment.

On top of everything else, Patti of Soldiers' Angels has arranged for Linda to fly here to meet with us in Germany (loaded up with even more donations from SA) and distribute some of the items to our wounded warriors personally. I'll of course be posting photos of the visit!

Our deepest gratitude to all of the generous donors on behalf of the patients here. And many thanks to everyone who covered this story, helping Linda snatch victory from the jaws of defeat - bloggers, newspaper journalists, and TV reporters, to the West Point Parents Club for putting out a mailing to all of its members, and to Patti of Soldiers' Angels.

But most of all, thank you Linda for your courage and undaunted spirit.

Linda and the "blanket ladies".

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