30 September 2008

Christmas at Landstuhl 2008

Update: Shipping deadline for this project has passed. Thank you for your support!

The motto of Landstuhl Hospital is "Selfless Service" and that is truly what the staff here do.

There is no better time to acknowledge the efforts of these "selfless" Medical Warriors than during the holidays.

Christmas/Thank You Cards for Landstuhl Hospital Staff

There are many, many dedicated staff here who not only take care of our wounded or ill Warriors, but who have also been wonderful supporters of SA Germany and instrumental in our ability to carry out our mission.

I would like the Christmas/Thank You cards to be personalized by department if you are up for it. They are:

1. Landstuhl ICU Staff. The hardest job on the planet. Please send them Christmas blessings for their extraordinary loving and professional care of our most severely Wounded Warriors. (Number needed: One card for the entire group is fine.)

2. The MTD Staff. The Medical Transient Department is where outpatients stay during their treatment at Landstuhl. The staff look after about 100 outpatients at any given time. (Number needed: 2 cards for this group to share.)

3. The Nursing Staff. Caring for 3 - 4 wards of hospital inpatients with non-critical injuries. (Number needed: 4 cards, one for each medical/surgical ward.)

4. The Service Liaisons. Too many to list individually, the Casualty Liaison Officers for the various branches of service (and Army by division) manage the patients' stay in Landstuhl. In my opinion, these are some of the "unsung heroes" at Landstuhl, in many cases working 7 days a week during their unit's entire deployment. (Number needed: 20 cards, one for each office.)

5. DWMMC Staff. They manage patient movement/transportation from downrange to Landstuhl and on to the US or back to the war zone. (Number needed: One card for this office.)

The salutations in the cards should simply be "To the ICU Staff", "For the Nurses at Landstuhl", "To the MTD Staff", etc. You may wish to add a few words in your message based on the notes above.

Address the outside of the cards for the appropriate group, leave them unsealed, place in a larger envelope, and send to:

Attn: Soldiers' Angels
CMR 402
APO AE 09180

Shipping deadline: 15 November, 2008

Thank you for caring about our wounded and ill Warriors and their caregivers in Germany.

Important: Soldiers' Angels Germany does not request or distribute Christmas cards to the patients. This is due to the very high volume of unsolicited cards received by the hospital.

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