25 September 2008

Balad CASF Medic to all Angels

From a Medic, now home and a member of Soldiers' Angels.

My heart swells just thinking about SA and I love getting the opportunity to tell others about the organization.

The CASF (Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility) where I was deployed in Iraq served over 3000 patients in the four months I was there and we simply would not have been able to treat our wounded warriors with the respect and dignity that they deserve without the help of Soldiers' Angels.

SA supplied us needed items, such as backpacks, warm clothes, socks, underwear, tolietries and shower shoes whenever our facility needed them, even it was short notice.

We were able to provide our patients with so many comfort items such as snacks, books and games thanks to all the incredible Angels around the country.

I was floored by the generous donation of video game systems and many games for them. I can not tell you the hours the soldiers would spend playing them after weeks of being in the field with nothing.

And I truly hope that each Angel who sits at home making those beautiful blankets without being able to see the recipients knows how incredibly special those are to the troops that receive them. Even while being loaded onto litters for their flight home they would make sure that their blankets were with them. Many expressed looking foward to being able to share that special gift with their spouses and children at home.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you for everything each and every one of you do. My words can not express the incredible feeling of support we received.

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