24 July 2008

Chad Hunt photo makes the cover of TIME

Chad emailed last night to say one of his Afghanistan images has been selected for the cover of this week's TIME magazine. The photo was taken at a small outpost in the Korengal Valley during his embed with the 1oth Mountain Division in December 2006. The Soldier in the photo is 1SG David Combs, and you can see the full image here.

We both thought it was a bit ironic that it's taken almost 2 years for a magazine like TIME to need a good photo of Afghanistan, but whatever...

You might remember Chad's work from this post featuring CPT Jim McNight and the 10th MTN at the KOP, as well as this one about his friend and fellow photographer John McHugh's return to Afghanistan in November 2007 after having been shot there just 6 months before.

Congratulations, Chad!

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