06 November 2007

Valour-IT: More than a laptop

Here's part of a note from the fiancee of a Valour-IT recipient based in Germany.


I just want to tell you a quick story: Last Christmas (2 months after my fiance got of the hospital), we got a Xmas tree and decorated it.

We were missing the star to put on the top of the tree, so we used the little angel you sent us in a letter.

I just thought you should know that, and that we have promised ourselves the angel will be used every Xmas on our tree :-)

You hear a lot about how only zero-point-something percent of the population are bearing the burden of the war. So in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of organizations like Soldiers' Angels is getting civilians involved and bridging that gap between them and the military community.

This Soldier still has somewhat limited use of both arms a year after being wounded, so the value of a Valour-IT laptop for him is obvious. Less obvious - although no less important - is that this couple will look at their Christmas tree each year and know that the American people love and appreciate them.

Valour-IT is a lot more than just a laptop.

More information here.

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