05 November 2007

Great weekend programming at Pundit Review Radio

Here are three timely segments that are well worth hearing. You can listen online or download at iTunes and Podcast Alley via the Pundit Review Radio Podcast.

Extended conversation with Michael Yon live from Baghdad

We asked him to explain for the casual observer how we changed the game in Iraq. He talked at length about Gen. Petreaus and The Surge, but he emphasized that it is about much more than an increase in troops, it is a complete change in tactics, and it is working to an astounding degree.

Patti Patton Bader on Valour IT

Patti Patton Bader, the founder of Soldiers Angels, joined Bruce McQuain from QandO along with Gregg and I to discuss the ongoing fundraising drive for Valour IT, an amazing project that provides voice activated laptops for our most severely injured soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.

Someone You Should Know: Sgt. Joseph E. Proctor

Gallantry performed with marked distinction shall forever be SGT Proctor’s legacy, and those he saved will never forget his actions and his sacrifice.

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