01 September 2007

Meanwhile, back on the front...

Hello Soldiers' Angels,

I am currently deployed to XXX, Afghanistan, and we've been out here for about 5 months now. Let me tell I had no clue there was such an organization out there that supported troops as much as you do. I thank God for your organization and pray that it continues to be a blessing to myself and all the other troops that are serving around the world.

You know it's funny because the people that I actually was really close to back at home all said they would support me when I got here and up till now I have not seen anything from any of them. I even tried getting my church involved to help the local kids out here and they have declined. That was my biggest dissappointment. But hey life goes and the mission still gets accomplished.

I always say it's a blessing to have my mother still in my life cause if I did not have her I might not have any support... then we received stuff from your organization, and my hope was restored.

I really, really, really do appreciate everything you guys do for us. Getting mail is one of the few high points of the day and you guys sure do put a smile on every one's face. Thank you immensely. It's almost always like Christmas when we see stuff from you guys, so I needed to take time out to tell you how much we care.

Please continue to support us, pray for us and keep us close to your hearts as we continue to keep America free and proud.

Thank you again and be blessed.

Hospital Corpsman (HM2)

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