18 September 2007

“I don’t need the big ceremony or the big white dress. But, I do need Craig.”

I found this incredibly romantic. Congratulations to the young couple!

Rachel Holmes stands with a single pink carnation during her marriage to Spc. Craig Bowes, a Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, who is currently serving in Iraq.

The couple had planned to marry before Bowes' deployment, but a death in his family forced them to postpone their wedding plans.

“We decided six weeks ago to just do it,” Holmes said. “We wanted to get married and decided to worry about a ceremony later. He’s been gone since October of last year. I miss him so much.”

They were wed via video teleconference Sept. 7. (Courtesy photo)

Rachel Holmes stands with tears in her eyes during her marriage to Spc. Craig Bowes. The couple were able to see and speak to each other through the entire ceremony and after. The first words Bowes said to his fiancée via the connection were, “You look so beautiful, Rachel.” (Courtesy photo)

By Janna Lewis, Fort Hood Sentinel Staff

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