26 September 2006

The Littlest Victims of War

From the SA Wounded Team's contact in Balad:

Dear Roger,

Thank you so much for the help. From what I have heard in the past we usually don't see many kids, but lately that has changed. I have been here about 3 weeks and we have had about 9 kids come in.

I talked to the NCOIC of the ICU and he says we are in need of Diapers and Pull ups. Also some toys, a little age specific - we see kids around 3-6. We do get infants too. And we are in need of childrens and infant clothes.

So far 4 of the kids we have treated have gone home, 2 are still in our care and sad to say but 3 did not make it.

I really want to thank you for your past service and supporting us now, I am sure you understand just how much that means to us.

[name redacted]

If you would like to help our military medical staff help their young Iraqi patients, please email me or visit the Soldiers' Angels website to make a donation.


Related post at Blackfive about the Marines working to save innocent lives:

We had some civilians get hit by an IED yesterday as one of the battalion's patrols went by. No Marines were hurt, but once again these people don’t care if they hurt, kill, or maim their own.

The Company Commander, our react force, and Doc and myself with the ambulance ran out once again. We loaded up as many as we could at their hospital that wanted to go.

Read the rest here.

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