20 June 2010

"They got me home"

Marine Cpl Todd Nicely in Afghanistan before being wounded in March 2010, resulting in the loss of all four limbs. He is the second surviving quadruple amputee of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cpl Nicely served a prior tour of duty in Iraq. Courtesy photo.

From the the spouse of an American Hero:

My name is Crystal Nicely, and my husband Marine Cpl Todd Nicely was severely wounded during his tour in Afghanistan this past March 2010. Todd stepped on an IED (improvised explosive device) which was embedded in to the ground. When he placed his foot on the device it triggered, doing a lot of damage. Now I do thank the Lord for the fellow Marines who utilized their abilities to save his life, for if it were not for them he would not have made it.

The explosion resulted in amputation of portions of all four of his limbs. His jaw was broken in two places.

Todd and Crystal Nicely. Cpl Nicely was seriously wounded in Afghanistan in March 2010, resulting in the loss of portions of all four limbs. He is the second surviving quadruple amputee of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Courtesy photo.

Crystal continues:

Now, I know it's a lot to take in... at first your mind takes you to the worst place... but I can say that when I saw him for the first time all I saw was the man whom I fell in love with, my best friend, and the man I'm going to grow old with. Todd is not only a wonderful husband, but a son who I'm almost certain was a handful...

After regaining consciousness at Maryland's Bethesda Naval Medical Center, one of the first things Todd requested was a beer. The doctors allowed him a few sips.

Todd's swift progress is an amazing testimony to his strength, determination, and courage. He began using arm prosthetics mere weeks after the explosion that nearly took his life and just last week stood up on his "stubbies", the first step to full-length leg prosthetics. Most of Todd's time is spent as an outpatient. Recently, he flew to North Carolina to welcome the Marines from his unit back home.

Todd and his family are still at the very beginning of a long journey that will involve a year or more at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as he heals and learns to use his prosthetics. During this time he will draw on the strength of his loved ones. His wife, parents and siblings are committed to being there for him. His brother Ricky, who had planned to enlist in the Army, now plans to remain with Todd as long as needed.

The Depatment of Defense covers expenses for Todd's immediate family in Washington, D.C. but they will suffer a loss of income during their stay. Many other members of this large and loving family face repeated trips from their homes to the D.C. area to spend time with Todd as he recovers.

This is where you come in, as written by veteran David Bellavia just after hearing of Todd's injury.

I pray that Todd never has to live a day where he is not reminded of his greatness. I pray that someone is there to hold him and thank him for his sacrifice, before Todd can thank them for their aid. I pray that Todd will have a job that pays him what he is worth to all of us.

And that he never has to question his worth in this world.

Todd Nicely is what makes America great. While his peers prepared to better themselves in college, he bettered his nation with his service. And that love for his nation led him into combat that has forever broken his body.

It is the responsibility for the survivors, for those he bled protecting, to make sure that his spirit never suffers the same fate.

Donations are being accepted to support Todd and his family.

Bank wire transfer:
Navy Federal Credit Union
Routing # 2560-7497-4
AC # 3021742329

Checks may be made out to:
Todd A. Nicely Donations

Send to:
Todd A. Nicely
6900 Georgia Ave, NW
Abrams Hall Box 4207
Washington DC 20307

Todd has given almost everything to protect America, and it’s time for America to give back. In the middle of this war, he stepped up and led with his actions. Please step up and show Todd your gratitude, appreciation, and faith in his future by supporting him and his family during the long journey ahead.

From Todd via his wife Crystal:

"Thank you so much. I second everything my wife has stated on my behalf. And for the people who keep telling me that "they don't know what to say to me"... well, I can't find the words to express how much your caring and understanding means to me... so I'll just say 'thank you.'"

Cpl Todd Nicely with his mom Julie. Cpl Nicely was seriously wounded in Afghanistan in March 2010, resulting in the loss of parts of all four limbs. He is the second surviving quadruple amputee of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Courtesy photo.

Shortly after arriving at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, Todd was asked if he had a message for his fellow Marines back in Afghanistan. "Tell them... ", he said, "Tell them they got me home."

One of our Marines could use your prayers


Sandy Yebba said...

Tell Todd to get in touch with the first quad amputee...Brendan Morrocco.....Brendan is an inspiration to everyone that knows him. Brendan and Todd will become fast friends for life! Thank you Todd for your sacrifices...

MaryAnn said...

They've already met, Sandy!